Toothache, Quest Cards, and Netrunners.

9979I had some really killer ideas to post this week, but unfortunately most of my thinking process has been altered thanks to my wisdom teeth trying to kill me. Luckily on Monday, I get to have these bad boys pulled.

Also luckily, dentist was able to hook me up with decent meds yesterday. That’s always fun.

That also means I’ll be able to run my D&D game this weekend!

So, I feel like sharing the goings on, but the dull pain in my face prevents me from saying anything fun.
Here we go in the stripped down no frills edition of the Chaos Grenade!

I found a use for 4E Quests that Doesn’t Piss me Off.
Regular readers know my players are currently rebuilding and expanding a small village into a big town and trade hub, while preparing defenses for any future dragon attacks. I decided this would be an awesome plot goal to carry my players to their Paragon Paths.

I’m thinking of writing up a deck of minor quests that all go towards the town, and preparing all of the encounters ahead of time (but very loosely, so there’s plenty of elbow room for chaos factors and freedom of choice) and just dropping that on the table. The cards will be a mix of small encounters, skill challenges etc and the players can decide how they want to tackle them, the order they want to do them, etc.

Picking up Cyberpunk 2020:

I’ve been on a bad cyberpunk kick lately, and me and a couple of the guys have decided to dust off my old copy of Cyberpunk 2020 for another spin. We’re going to play on our off nights, possibly when my buddy’s wife is working. Just me and two pals, nothing big, using only the core 2020 rulebook. Keeping the bad 80’s flair and out of date sci-fi. Probably going to spend an afternoon tracking down some bad EBM, Industrial and New Wave.

I know I mentioned running some Pathfinder and other stuff; but the scheduling and interest seems to have waned a bit. Right now I want to focus on 4E, play some Cyberpunk 2020 to blow off steam, and in the near future possibly run a Hunter: The Reckoning game.