Recap of the Changeling session 6/12/09

Alright, we had our first session on Friday and if I had any gripe it was the fact we wrapped things up pretty early.  The chronicle had a really fun start….our Storyteller had asked us to come up with Halloween costumes as our first big session would take place at a Halloween party. We were strictly told NOT to tell her, because she likes surprises even as an ST.

Pretty fun all around: My character, being a cold heart bitch, a smoker, a welder, and despite being mute being VERY5664 vocal in her attitude, decided to go as Tank Girl at the last minute just because she didn’t really feel like making a dress. Can ya blame her? She was too busy using her Steampunk Fashion sense for the other members of her Motley! One of our guys hasn’t been back from the Hedge since the 1980’s and thought Robocop was still cool. I fixed him up with some brass plating, an LED “power source indicator” and a turnkey on the back. For my medic friend  Sarah, who is scared to death of the Sun seeing her face (something about being turned into a Newt or a Snail or something…) I made her a cute little nurse outfit using the dirtiest aprons I could find, a gas mask and an assortment of rusty tools.  Our resident blood hound (He’s really a Wind Elemental) went as the Flash, and well you can’t really fix that.

So much fun was had; the Halloween party idea really works for my gaming group. It gave us a chance to fool around, develop our personalities and have some fun in the process. But it wasn’t all just bad eurotrash goth music and reaping Glamour off the dance floor tragedies; At one point we had to run out and assist another Changeling who has been searching for his Wife for ages, only to find her come screaming out of the Hedge as a Banshee.

This is an interesting point: I don’t really know a lot about the new Changeling stuff. I couldn’t tell you if she’s running it from an antagonist book or not. What I can tell you is the Storyteller’s living room is currently cluttered with all sorts of myth and legends books, and I’m simply going to choose not to research it. Right now, we’re told all we have to do to save the Wife is to return her memories to her, and she will be normal again. We think.