Possible New Gaming Soon….

Alright, well, my D&D 4E campaign is in full swing and we wrapped up our Hunter: The Vigil chronicle. Now it appears my gaming schedule is going to become a little bit more diverse and fuller on the horizon. Hopefully I can maintain getting things done and taking care of shit I need to be doing in RL while still managing time for these other games. I’ve even pretty much announced my total cutting back of my Guild Wars/MMO playtime so I can spend more time prepping role-playing stuff (which, to me, creating and researching this stuff is a lot more fun anyways.)

Changeling: The Lost

Already mentioned earlier in my blog posts that a good friend of mine, who is one of my regular players and0001bxwq wife to another and they’re both our most awesome hosts, is getting ready to run Changeling. I’m particularly excited about this for many reasons. The biggest reason is it’s something new and different; I’m loving the new “grim” direction of the Changeling game this time around. Also, dark modern fairy tales is always a fun break from dungeon crawls or monster hunting.

The other reason I’m stoked in the woman running it; she is obsessed with everything fae. Sometimes we often wonder what kind of pixie dust she’s on. She’s very energetic, very imaginative and very, very…umm…sinister with an innocent smile?

Last, but not least, is my character for it. Decided I really wanted to try something different, so my character is a mute woman.  I’ll write her background story and details up in a future post; but I’m excited because she is a BRAT. Before being taken through the Hedge, she was a loud spoiled rich girl, who wound up losing her voice because her keeper didn’t want to ever hear her lie again. Now that she’s back, she has taken up her skills she learned as a Wisened to become….get this…a Steampunk fashion designer. She has a knack for dissasembling things like computers and AC units to strip all the brass and copper for her trinkets and dresses.

Mutants & Masterminds: Second Edition

Next up, a good buddy of mmmine I just got back in touch with has informed me two things: One, he has about as much free time as I do and Two, he has the second edition of M&M. Which I’m VERY curious to try out. I own the first edition core book, which was a complete steal since I bought it on sale used. I’ve never really picked up the other M&M books, but I felt the original core game was probably the most complete and well put together super hero RPG (hell, just “comic book” rpg) I ever played.

I’m really curious to see where 2nd edtion went. I didn’t think there really needed to be another edition; but I’ve heard people swear by the new rules and I’ll gladly give it a spin. No major campaign plans in the works yet as far as I know; but I’m hoping that it may lead to that.

Really, the biggest reason I’m curious is just because of some of the new setting books that have come out for the second edition. I read Greywulf’s posts about Warriors & Warlocks, and it sounded like a system that might be as much fun as 4E, WHFRP, etc. Also, I’ve been thinking it would be cool to write up some of my ideas for settings in a M&M “playtest”. I worry too much about mechanics sometimes; I’d rather get back to focussing on settings and details first, and then possibly trying to find the rules that fit later. And to be honest, I felt M&M 1E was “enough rules to do anything.” I liked it better as a Generic System than GURPS.

Pathfinder/Ptolus Online Game with added House Rules!

Still fleshing out some details on this, but I have a good buddy I haven’t gamed with in FOREVER and even harsk-dwarficonic_360though he’s less than an hour away, his work schedule combined with a kid on the way means finding time for him to beebop down here and play regularly is pretty nil. So, I’ve decided to attempt once again at running an online Ptolus campaign.

A little backstory: We had actually started this at an old site with some peeps. I ran the campaign with a mix of Forum-Based role play with a “Tabletop” night using Vent and Gametable software. It played out pretty well but some events transpired in real life that made me postpone the campaign, and it was never picked back up.

I’m planning on restarting this, but with a complete reload. I’m planning on using the Pathfinder Beta, for starters, as opposed to my last game which was 3.5 with a ton of exta books tossed in.  The other thing was I’m trying to work up some house rules just to keep everything moving….I don’t like my online games to get cluttered up with rules.  I may take the “Combat Maneuver Bonus” and turn it into a simple roll for anything crazy, and not follow all the details as written.

Of course, I may very well just say eff it and run Warriors & Warlocks in Ptolus. We’ll see.
I just know I want to run that setting again. I paid so much for that book and felt it was worth every cent.

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  1. Don’t have a lot to add here, but I have to say that your Changeling: the Lost character concept is fascinating.

    I could never really get myself to try running a Mute character primarily because I’m so used to playing characters that rely so heavily on negotiation / bluffing / deceit and misdirection with words.

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