Silly things I’d like to see 4E used for

It’s been a tad bit of a time since I made any regular/constructive post on this site; but hopefully that changes now that our Hunter chronicle has ended.  Now, I get to hop back into the DM chair with our D&D 4E campaign.

Problem is, I’ve been working on my little OGL Homebrew so much I’ve totally lacked giving attention to my campaign. That, along with playing a lot of Guild Wars, Free Realms, and job hunting….okay, I haven’t given any attention at all. Great, over two weeks to prep for the next phase of the campaign and I STILL slacked off.

So for right now, I’m putting aside any thoughts towards my pet game system project (Which, I’ll have you know, is actually fleshing out quite awesome.) Despite having to work on a Changeling character, I also need to just thrust World of Darkness out of my brain again and settle back into 4E.

To help me get the gears grinding again, I’m going to vex my braincells into at least getting back into the 4E mechanics, and you my dear readers get to suffer. But hey! Should be fun! I’d love to hear feedback on these ideas anyway….

My Top 3 Silly Things I’d love to see 4E used for.
or, ideas I’ve thought about playing with but have been too lazy to expand on. These are not all necessarily unique ideas; but I haven’t seen much used with them. Destined to change though, knowing the industry.
And in no particular order….

Avatar, acrylic painting by Starr.
Avatar, acrylic painting by Starr.

GuildWars D&D Setting:
My fiancee started something similar to this idea in d20/3.5 rules to a bit of detail, but we never really play tested it. We even talked about maybe using Mage: The Awakening rules as a possibility….but it was kind of reaching. In my opinion, 4E is practically begging for a GuildWars tabletop port.

Our first attempt at playing it, when we were still in the mode of mocking similarities to MMO’s and the new rules, we literally recreated a couple GuildWars toons using the rules set. Mort even made our power cards look like skill icons. I laughed then, but looking back, how freaking sweet was that!? I had a Spear and Shield, inspirational Warlord (Paragon) while she had a Scythe-wielding Cleric of the Raven Queen (Sounds like a Dervish begging for Avatar of Grenth to me!)

But let’s take it a step further:
Guildwars was all about the dual-classing. The biggest thing about the dual-classes is you had a Primary class, and a secondary class, and your skills and talents for your secondary (at its basics) was never better than someone being a primary at that class. Does that not sound like D&D 4E Multiclass rules? I’d probably allow all players in the campaign to take the basic multiclass feat at character creation. Also, the 5 Gods would fit in nicely with the new Alignment system. Bonus! It seems there’s already someone out there on this wave-length, kinda. The Stonesummit converted to 4E!

Space Setting that isn’t Star Wars, or incredibly campy.

Yeah, that’s a very dumb way to put it and opens itself up to a lot of flame posts and arguments. I just had a conversation today with one of my gaming buds and it kinda came up with that idea. Why not Star Wars? Because, that’s already out there and even if the Saga Edition is getting pretty close to how 4E turned out, wasn’t my cup of tea. Besides, maybe I want the freedom of not being Star Wars.

Tongue-in-cheek happens easily too. Not looking for Spelljammer 4E (Magic makes everything happen!) or Dragonstar. Maybe something a bit more……Riddick? Okay, yeah, that did have a cheesefactor too. But come on, wasn’t anybody else intrigued by the Necromongers, or that chick who was an “Elemental”?

Throw some Tieflings interstellar travelers in there, replace Cross-Bows with Laser Pistol (but keep the stats!) and bust out the occasional micro-machine space armada onto the tabletop combat grid….it sure as hell sounds fun to me. Especially if we can add some Sci-Fi western planets to the mix…..

Low Magic, Martial-Focussed Bad Assery.

The thing that screams to my mind is “Iron Heroes 4E”.  I loved Iron Heroes, I love 4E, and lord knows a Cleric isn’t required for this dungeon romp anymore. I know with the Martial Powers available out there, there is a wide variety of character types who rely on skill and bad-assery out there. One of these days, I’d love to run a very Low-Magic setting using these rules. I’d also like to see some of the class ideas from IH make it over to 4E….namely the Armiger and the Harriers. Throw this is in with some awesome combat related skill challenges like pushing statues or crumbling walls onto your foes, or even preparing the defenses and armaments before being raided (Think 13th Warrior village defense preperations) and this sounds like pure awesome.

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