Updates from the End of the World….

Sorry things have been quiet on my end this week! I’ve been doing a lot of game related stuff while trying to seek work and working on assorted projects in my spare time. Right now, the D&D 4E campaign is on a small break to allow us to finish up the Hunter: The Vigil chronicle my buddy started at the beginning of the year. Sadly, we haven’t actually used much of the Hunter game book: I have a couple feats, and we use the Willpower rules, but other than that we’ve been a straight Tier 1 group.

I say “straight”; my character’s back story is that he was, at one point, a Ghoul. He had actually started the hunt not as a hero, but as a blood addict freshly liberated from the Master who neglected him. He managed to kick his addiction (or at least, get it under control) and after that, he took up The Vigil.


As I had mentioned in an earlier blog post, half the excitement of our Hunter game has been working against a Timeline. Our characters are on a 1-shot date with Destiny as the date approaches for when we’ll either manage to save the world, or everything will burn with us trying!

The intensity builds as everything begins to almost unravel around us, spiraling out of control as both sides of the war start playing their pieces and removing each others pawns from the table. It has become very personal to our characters; our villain/nemesis of the story has managed to take something close and personal from all of us. One of our PC’s, a Doctor who constantly butted heads with a few of us hot-heads in the group about the value of human life (even if they are pawns to a darker evil) wound up becoming munched on by a Voodoo Priestess in the Bayou swamps of New Orleans.  Her master, a half-demon Necromancer who’s seeking an item to ascend into full Demonic power (think old school Demon, on a large Faith scale) has successfully humbled my character’s every mocking move against him by taking away something (or someone) of equal importance to him. My buddy’s character, an ROTC instructor and Marine vet, discovered his Nephew was part of a tainted bloodline thanks in part to his Sister’s ex-husband, who ended up being a right hand man for said Necromancer. Now the child has discovered who he is, and has literally pulled a vanishing act out from under us. All signs point he’s gone back to the master.

Meanwhile, my character’s sole motivation to save the world has been destroyed. He had a tryst encounter with a young Stripper, who wound up pregnant. My character has lived the life of a Vagabond, a Parkour expert, and professional squatter (although he’s a tech-saavy crook; would’ve made a great Cyberpunk concept.) In all honesty, I had intended him at some point to join Network Zero, but we had never gotten around to the concept.

When he discovered about the pregnancy, he decided this was something to really fight for. We’ve uncovered the motivation that the Half-Demon is seeking to Ascend, and possibly raise its dark Goddess, Lamashtu. My character, Andrew Portnoy, made the vow that if he survives this — he retires. He becomes a family man, straightens up, and takes care of his child. The child, whom he wants to provide a world for.

Only now, it’s revealed as of the end of last session, that the Stripper was part of the same corrupted bloodline. She was involved with the Cult of Lamashtu this whole time, and had kept secret from Portnoy out of fear. The last words he uttered to her was for her to call him in a couple weeks; leave New Orleans, head someplace he doesn’t know, and wait. He put her on the Bus, and never watched which way it would go.

The event is coming up in a couple days. If the world survives a couple weeks, then she knows they stopped him. They stopped Lamashtu. Her and her child are safe. If she calls, he won’t pick up. He’ll dissappear again. He may very well die tonight, and she can assume he died providing a future for her child. If he lives, he wants her to believe that anyway. Truth is, he is angered. He is destroyed. Their child, the symbol of everything right in the world, is corrupted with the blood of evil. His girlfriend, for all he knew, was one of the ones who tipped off their locations and thwarted their plans.

There was a comment one of the other Hunters made, about the Ghouls that served the Vampires. He said they couldn’t be cured; once a monster, always a monster. Portnoy felt he was the example that proved him wrong; but now, he feels the man might be on to something.

On a lighter note: The Post Chronicle Plans!

Since we’ve gotten back into the gaming swing, seems like there’s a lot of exciting things planned. After we conclude Hunter, one of the gals in our gaming circle (my buddy’s wife) is going to run another World of Darkness game (Changeling: The Lost).  My buddy is also beginning work on his next campaign: an Iron Heroes game taking place in a Historical Dark Ages, pitting us up against Vampires and the Undead and, ultimately, a vampiric Vlad the Impaler!

Oh, and I’ll be continuing my D&D 4E game as well!

2 thoughts on “Updates from the End of the World….”

  1. Sounds like a lot of fun. I like HtV, they did a good take on it this time around. Much better than that horribly hokey Hunter the Reckoning from old WoD.

    And really don’t be too torn up about not using the HtV book that much, once you’ve made your dude it doesn’t offer that much you really need as far as setting material. You’re a guy fighting monsters. Sometimes simple is best.

  2. Heh, well, to be honest I was a fan of the “Horribly Hokey” Hunter the Reckoning from Old WoD. Possibly because despite cool powers, we never played it like the style the Video Games portrayed of it later (although I did love those too…for different reasons.)

    I think that is my prob with the current Hunter. It didn’t feel like a justified new game over the core rules. The stuff that makes it stand out, in my opinion, was waaayy hokier than Reckoning ever was.

    In Reckoning, we were every day men and women who were tapped by beings of lord knows what, and awakened to the world rather we wanted to be or not. While a lot of that same ethos carried over pretty well in T1 and some of the T2 concepts in The Vigil; I think the Tier 3 stuff made me kinda sad.

    The super government agencies, the old orders collecting relics and what not…those can be fun but at the same time, they feel different from a “Hunter” game and what grasped me about the Reckoning. They almost feel like MiB, Torchwood, etc. Which is fine for those styles of games…lord knows I was a fan of Monte Cook’s WoD setting.

    But in the end, you’re right: People fighting monsters. Sometimes, simple is best.

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