The much delayed blog about much delays.

Yikes. It’s almost been a week since our last gaming session and I haven’t blogged anything about the goings on in my group.  It’s been a pretty busy time; although this week I’ve spent more time procrastinating things I should be doing. Mowing the yard, looking for work, that kind of thing.

Although, I suppose it’s fitting. Last weekend we squeezed in a game of D&D which I was promising to be “epic dungeon crawling goodness” but, alas, I procrastinated setting that up too. Luckily, the fan-made software Masterplan saved my arse by allowing me to setup a flow chart of encounters as opposed to detailing a full dungeon. I may end up doing that from now on; as I’ve mentioned before, these are mostly WoD veterans and are more used to the Narrative-style role playing over maps and grids.

But the big reason we played D&D last week, was because the weekend proved too hectic for one my players to run his Hunter: The Vigil campaign. We’re down to the very end of that one; but the ending is supposed to be explosive and chaotic as all hell. I can respect him postponing it with his crazy schedule last week and weekend.

We were going to shoot for this weekend, but now one of our good friends from out of town is planning on dropping in. It’s become sort of a rule now that when out of towners drop in, we just don’t game. Impossible to stay focussed. This doesn’t mean we’re not happy to see our friends….but yikes, this will set us back a couple weeks.

I guess I get nervous about “breaks” in games; that usually leads to longer stints than intended, follow by a lack of interest and stories and characters are never resolved. I’m hoping I can maintain interest in my D&D game as I put it on pause until we finish the Hunter chronicle. Right now, I have the players in a position where they have the control in the story to determine where they go next and what quests to pursue.  I’m hoping to maybe at some point this week (or maybe even Friday night while we wait for our friends to drop by) to have an meta-game discussion. General feedback and what not; and maybe try to keep conversation going here and there over the next couple weeks to keep them involved while I’m writing up the next chapters for them to explore.

Luckily, Summer is approaching. Schedules for half the group will become more relaxed with the college crowd; that also means that hopefully some crap jobs will be opening up and maybe I can find some seasonal work while I look for something a bit more steady. Afterall, work is that thing we do to support our gaming habit right?