PvP Updates for F2P Titles

Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning isn’t the only title that should be rolling out some updates this March. For those a bit more on the frugal side of gaming, or people already fed up with Darkfall’s launch, there’s some low-budget PvP goodness rolling out in the very near future.

Requiem: Bloodymare Update 5.0

Requiem is probably the first F2P/Cash Shop title I played where I felt it was worthy of me tossing some coin in their direction (that’s usually a sign that they offer good perks without making you feel premium membership is required). I’m a big fan of the game for its dark setting, fun game play and was actually impressed with its instanced dungeons. The one thing I felt was always lacking though was the options for PvP. They offered two Battlegrounds, both of them hardly played on, and they both cater to large level ranges (we’re talking 20 levels difference).  They do have an Open PK server, but due to any lack of reward or consequence it’s not really enough to carry a hardcore PvP element.

Update 5.0 is introducing a new Battleground, offering Server vs. Server warfare. The two PvE-minded servers will be pitted against the PK rules server in a massive Capture the Flag battle that will allegedly support up to 1000 players in an instance. To make this even more interesting, it will be held 3 days a week, twice on those days (Apparently one in the morning, one in the evening).

The other thing to note: It’s open to all characters of all levels and class. I guess now we’ll see if zergs of midlevel toons can be worthy opponents to small groups of high levels. Still, it’s an interesting concept and I hope they put some thought into giving both sides an even chance.

If that’s not thrilling enough to hear, they’re now adding a reward for special Dungeon Keys in exchange for points earned in the different PvP Battlefields. These keys can be used for three new Dungeons that are being added across different level zones to intice players for the chance at some bitching gear. Also, something about a new player dismemberment update to the new battleground….

[Modok, if you’re reading this: Yes, they made the carrot bigger and the stick longer.]

Runes of Magic: Arena System announced
Runes of Magic is a new game that is taking the definition of WoW clone to the extreme and making people really wonder if a $15 a month sub is really worth it when this game seems to be taking everyone’s good idea and putting it all into one game.  Imagine WoW, if it was all humans, but you can learn any craft skill and actually pick up a second class to level up and mix up the skills/abilities. Now throw in player housing at level 6, and you’re getting the idea. It even has Add-On support hosted by Curse.com….probably the first F2P title to do so.

The PvP element as it is right now is the usual Flagged PvP system on most servers and special PK rules servers that use a sliding alignment system for open world PvP (kill anyone, start going evil. Kill an evil, start gaining good. Extremes of both reward you with buffs and titles).

Well now they’ve announced an Arena System that will be coming out this month in the Open Beta that will be based around 1 on 1 combat.  Allegedly the mechanics will involve an NPC who will pair up queued combatants against opponents roughly even in skill level and stats to battle head on, with matches that will feature special buffs during certain time intervals.

While they’re working out the kinks in their Guild vs Guild system, I’m guessing this could actually be a fun way to test your skills out as well as an opportunity to analyze your builds performance.

Dungeon Runners:  Just some awesome shit coming.

Okay, it’s not a PvP update and thus is totally irrelevant to this post. If we have to make it relevant, it’s the fact the Dungeon Runners is probably one of the best arena PvP games you HAVEN’T played even if you’ve played Dungeon Runners! Regardless, it’s one of my all time favorites in the low budget gaming, and now I’m going to tell you about the lovely things that are to be coming soon:

  • New Website, which includes a way to play through your web browser.
  • New client updates that will feature some new shiny graphics and the ability to stream content in similar to Guild Wars.
  • Microtransaction system in the works that’ll offer some swank new things for DR players. Allegedly, this includes items pertaining to player housing.