Introduction: Say hello to “T.”

Good day everyone, most denizens of the net know me as “T.”  I will be contributing some works to this site hopefully sooner rather than later.  Current projects that will receive excerpts and information from this site include:

“Sprites” – A table top roleplaying game, based around faeries, gremlins, gnomes and other small people.  The system and world is being worked on from the ground up, and from time to time I’ll post short stories as well as struggles in crafting this world.

The Harbinger Saga – Is a book/series I’ve been working on for about ten years now.  The only excerpt I’ll post on here will be the Prologue, although I will post information on the world itself, history and what not to help drum support.

I have another book in the works, but will not be posted here due to the political nature of it, and not going to saddle that on our gracious host, Rev. Lazaro.

If you have any questions at all, or wish to contact me, feel free.  I hope you guys enjoy.