Warhammer Online: 1.2 Update on the Horizon

From Mythic’s site:choppa08-300x240
Well here it is; The Public Test Patch Notes for Game Update 1.2. Many hours of blood, sweat and tears went into these notes, and it shows. From the sheer size (over 55 pages!) to the numerous improvements being implemented, it’s all been a labor of love (or was that WAAAGH!). In the notes below you’ll see over 500 bug fixes, 10 plus pages of career balancing, numerous RvR improvements, UI improvements, continued building on our success with improving performance and server stability and a considerable review of our dungeon loot itemization. While these notes are still technically a “work in progress” they represent the majority of the changes that will be implemented with Game Update 1.2. Please keep in mind, these notes are for the public test server and can change periodically throughout the Public Testing Process.

Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning is a game that I want to love and enjoy very badly. A lot of concepts and ideas going into it I feel are really needed. The leveling isn’t much of a grind; a casual player can easily reach end game in a month or two devoting a couple hours a day. Rewarding PvP, fun “Public Quest” zone events that bring a refreshing new approach to having to kill X number of foes for a reward. And of course, it’s the freaking Warhammer franchise. Considering Warcraft is just a disney rendition of this brutal ass tabletop setting, of course I want it to succeed.

But, it’s falling on its face. Not as bad as Hellgate:London did, but it’s still falling short and the server populations are demonstrating this. Launch resulted in a mad dash to end game, only to find the end game wasn’t really as epic as promised and it was more fun getting there then actually being there. The big rewarding gaming experience everyone was working towards — the epic, open world Realm vs Realm wars and sieges — wounded up being flawed, lagtastic and ultimately too much for the servers to handle.

I played it pretty hardcore at launch; became very frustrated with the community of my original server and forced myself to take a break when these server-crashing bugs became evident at the end game. Restarted at the beginning of the year, barely got anywhere before I grew a little bored again and wound up dropping it and WoW and even cutting back on my beloved drug of choice (Guild Wars) for a few weeks of MMO Detox.

Some things from the patch notes I’m looking forward to:

  • Public Quests are being scaled back to where each chapter offers quests varying on party size, even some that are scaled back for small groups and even soloers. While being a PvP focussed game, I still thought the Public Quests were one of the best features of the game in that it was a form of PvE that broke away from the boring “FedEx” quest styles that encouraged both team work (for completion) and competition (those who contribute the most have a better shot at the best rewards). Unfortunately, shortly after launch these awesome open world events became Ghost Towns and often impossible to complete due to lack of interest from the community.
  • Rallying Call feature where select players will be offered a quick hot button to warp them directly to the middle of an open RvR field and engage the battles. I’m all for this as sometimes it’s hard to tell where on the battle lines I’m needed, or if it’s even worth showing up or not.
  • Shit ton of bug fixes and class balancing. We’ll see if they actually address important game breaking bugs and stability issues and really balance the classes when the time comes.

I have a couple time cards sitting on my desk, collecting dust. I’m standing by, waiting for the release of patch 1.2 in March and hoping that it’ll address enough issues and add enough incentives for a lot of peeps to return and maybe, just maybe, give us a decent battlefield to smash faces in again.

If not, no biggy, as there’s plenty of games to get my bloodlust checked in.

Check out Mythic’s Patch Notes for 1.2