Relaunches are healthy….

Oh-Niner is a year of necessary change. Not changes you promise to yourself, not necessarily changes you want, but changes you have to nod your head at and say “Damn, I have to fucking do this.” With a new President in office, whose policy is CHANGE in big blinking red neon letters, facing a crippling economy and a whole shit storm of problems you’d have to be crazy to be willing to take on, I think we’re looking at a metaphor for the year to come.

For me, personally, I have a lot of crap I need to change. Not out of need, but necessity. My weight, my blood pressure, my finances, my productivity….all need to see more activity and attention. My health, I have no option on: Make some changes this year or suffer the consequences. My finances…I’ve always needed to grow up in that department. I could use a career change….but this year it seems that’s the one thing to NOT change, as just having a job is a source of status.

Anyways, what a better time than to have yet another re-launch of the site.  I’ve come full circle; I originally started out with Word Press and “a Vague Idea” and followed up to “The Chaos Grenade”, which was often neglected as I spent too much time playing games as opposed to actually writing anything about them.

So, in the year ahead I’ve promised myself to write more. I’ve had so many hobby gaming projects I’ve wanted to work on and start developing, and I’m tired of sitting on them. I figured the site needed an overhaul too….something a bit more professional looking and not just some crazy angsty blog. Plus, WordPress has come such a long way…Drupal is awesome for the code freaks and I’ve enjoyed using it at my job as an e-Commerce solution. E107 is another CMS I dabbled in, which is awesome for turnkey-style stuff for community pages. But now, looking at the new WordPress (vs. the WP of a year or more ago) I’ve decided to make my homecoming back to this site and turn it into something expansive, growing, and awesome.

Here’s to the year ahead.
Expect some reviews and articles shortly!